Insurance Covered Massages

Massage therapy is often an insurance covered service if your injury is a result of an automobile accident or a work related injury. Your doctor, chiropractor or nurse practitioner must prescribe medical massage therapy. The treatment is focused on the areas of the body that are related to your current injury and prescription.

Massages for Automobile and Work Related Injuries

Ask your doctor to prescribe massage therapy for your automobile or workers’ compensation related injury. Who is an appropriate candidate for medical massage? Do you have any of the following symptoms as a result of your injury?

  • Gradual, intermittent or constant pain

  • Frequent muscle spasms

  • Interrupted sleep due to pain

  • Stiffness or sharp pain

  • Pain that refers to other parts of your body

  • Limited range of motion

If you answered yes to any of these questions talk to your doctor about prescribing medical massage therapy to your current treatment plan. Fill out the attached information forms and give Touch of Health a call today. A typical session lasts between 45 and 60 minutes. We work closely with several health care professionals in the area to provide massage therapy for soft tissue injury recovery. We are happy to speak to your healthcare provider if he/she has any questions. We professionally document the care that you receive. We submit daily notes to your insurance company and regular progress reports to your healthcare provider.

Out of Network Benefits for Massages

A few insurance companies may cover medical massage or myofascial release when it is prescribed by your doctor. Two of the main companies are Aetna and United Healthcare. You must have out of network benefits for this service to be covered.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Often times when you have a flexible spending account, massage therapy is a covered service under this plan. Touch of Health will give you a receipt that you can submit to your employer or we can charge your flexible spending credit card.
Please download and fill out the following forms prior to coming in for your appointment. Please bring these forms and your prescription to your first visit.

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